Organised Solutions gets the Leadership Coaching game end-to-end - from the theory to the practice, with excellent results.



Organised Solutions gets the coaching game end-to-end - from theory to practice - with excellent results.


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What do vendors expect of channel partners?  

- grow new business

- sell to market below vendor tier

- handle transactions which vendors operational costs prohibit

- develop new markets

- engage customers more regularly

- reduce vendors average cost of sale

- expand presence in new regions

- flexible logistical capabilities


What do channel partners expect of vendors?

- lead generation programs

channel selling

- marketing awareness programs

- market competitive pricing

- stock availability

- new technology development

- case studies

- product / service differentiation

- technical pre sales & support

- discount against competitive bids


Organised Solutions produces training & coaching program for vendors and partners to develop cooperative strategies, creating a joint partnership which results in both concentrating on the competition outside, not between each other. 


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