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connection_sellingConnection Selling

Existing business isn’t meeting current quota demands and salespeople need to source new customers. The sales team attempt to identify new customers through cold calling and lead generation, but with limited (or no) success. Furthermore, the leads generate only low-value opportunities.


'The world of social media is here to stay'


Here’s the Catch-22 situation: new customers don’t want to commit to an ‘unknown and untested’ quantity, but aren’t willing to test us to prove our abilities.

How do salespeople engage and lock in new customers? If it’s nine times more difficult to replace an incumbent supplier, why bother?

Connection Selling helps sales people use WEB 2.0 tools to target prospective businesses. Rather than salespeople waiting for the next prospect to call, Connection Selling practically demonstrates how to use business social media tools to develop a sophisticated contact strategy and match this with a valid strategy to set up an appointment with a prospective client.

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