We have engaged Organised Solutions to conduct everything from profiling to specific training for sales & business management. At all time we have received the utmost professional results. We highly recommend Organised Solutions.



I had the pleasure of commissioning Organised Solutions to run a Sales Training campaign for HP's key reseller partners. Working closely on the design & implementation of the program, experience helped me to understand why Organised Solutions has one of the best reputations in the Business.

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Sales Managers

People are often promoted to management because they exhibit strong confidence, competitiveness to achieve, good planning ability or strong communication and negotiation skills. Often these attributes are presumed to indicate strong leadership.

Although many have these abilities, a lack self awareness often prohibits them developing their own natural leadership style. This often results in overheads caused by sabotage pattern overheads and leadership "blindspots resulting in a reduction in their leadership confidence and capacity.


Leaders are not just born..they’re developed

Understanding our leadership strengths and weaknesses is vital to developing our own leadership style. The best leaders are not born, but developed. Just like a captain of any sporting team, leaders are an integral part of the team outcomes, but not necessarily the most knowledgeable, highest scorer nor the most skilful. Often they are the calm head in a crisis, the motivation behind the most skilful, the strength behind the team confidence or the belief in making a key decision.




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